Dodge 'Em Farm

Registered Boer goats
Master Meat Goat Producer


Welcome to Dodge 'Em Farm, located in Cedar Hill in  the beautiful rolling hills of northern middle Tennessee.  We have a herd of around 20 Boer goats, ABGA registered.   We had a herd of around 150 commercial goats and decided to go registered.  We have bought several really nice does and a couple of nice bucks and we are looking forward to seeing what they produce.  Our goal is to improve our weaning weights on our kids and to breed  for happy, healthy kids that are show quality.  

 The kids that I breed and are registered here at Dodge 'Em Farm are named after Dodge/Mopar products, paint colors or parts.  Yeah, I am a Mopar fan!

You are welcome to call or come visit anytime.